Our Mission 

We are re-establishing the ideals of community unity, family sanctity, and leadership accountability in the state of Kansas. Through the establishment of clear and fair legislation, civil justice, and non-invasive family and community services, we are relentlessly working to ensure that every citizen, regardless of gender or age, continues to enjoy the liberties afforded to them by the laws and Constitution of our State and Nation.
            Many people from all around the state of Kansas have volunteered their valuable time and resources for this cause. We are volunteers; there are no salaries or commissions, only the shared goal to protect the rights of Kansan's families and their community.
            With our ongoing efforts to partner with the community and grass root organizations, we continue to grow and make a difference. Through working directly with our communities to engage resources and partnerships that will benefit families and their children, and encouraging our elected officials to strive for justice and protection for not just Kansas families, but all of our citizens, our volunteers remain committed to bringing lasting, positive, and true effective change.  Through this opportunity we hope to inform and educate you about multiple issues affecting you and your family.